Long time, no see

I haven’t updated my blog in a long time, I know. Not that there are that many regular readers here, but there were some. And there are many reasons for the delay. One of those reasons was that I was tossing around the idea of moving my blog to another platform. I have decided against that. It shall stay here. One of these days, I may purchase a URL for it, but it will still be here when I do. So, now that crisis is solved, and I can move on. I do have much to share, and some of it has to wait for a very special day, but I’ll do everything I can to make sure this stays much more up-to-date than it has. Until then, do take a gander at some of the blogs in my blogroll on the right side of the page here. Down, just a little bit. There you go. These are all A-1 approved-by-me blogs. Enjoy!


I’ve said this before …

And it warrants saying again. Business was made for man, not man for business. In the end, not one single customer will attend my funeral, or even care when I pass. Which relationships are more important? The ones where I can have an impact. Of course, customer-service types would like you to belive that we can have an impact on those interactions, as well. And yes, you can. The same impact that a pebble in a stream has. Gone and forgotten. In the end, you’re not going to remember the reps you spoke to, and they’re not going to remember you. Done.

Stuck in a Rut

Yes, I’ve decided that I’m stuck in a rut. Which depresses me. Which makes the rut situation worse. Which depresses me even further. And so on, ad infinitum. So what do I do? Well, this is going to require some thought. I need to step back and take objective stock of my situation. Because something’s gotta change. I can’t keep doing this over and over again. I already think I know what the problem is, I just don’t have a solution yet.