More PC Gaming “Goodness”

More fuel for the fire:Battlefield 3 Executive Producer Patrick Bach has some interesting things to say about developing a game for PCs and consoles. Full interview here. All I can say is: I think this mentality will grow as the consoles continue to stagnate.


Lionhead’s Josh Atkins on PC gaming

RPS published an interview with Lionhead’s Lead Designer Josh Atkins. It’s a very interesting read. He has much to say about PC gaming, ports of games from consoles to PCs, Games For Windows Live (GFWL), and Xbox Live. It’s nice to know that some developers/publishers don’t think the PC is dead as a gaming platform, but we’ll see just how streamlined Fable III is when it hits shelves/GFWL. The most telling thing in here, I think, is the quote from Peter Molyneaux about how the game should be easy enough for “a blind child to be able to win this game with their feet.” We in the PC gaming community have been calling these console games “dumbed-down” for years, and here we have the head of a major studio all but confirming that was intentional.
Add to that the notion that “Battlefield 3” is more than consoles can handle, and then the amazing PC exclusive “The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings,” and I think that PC gaming still has quite a bit of life left. Maybe this extended life-cycle the current generations of consoles are taking will help breathe some life back into PC gaming. What do you think?