American Diabetes Association

I’ve added a widget to my blog from SocialVibe supporting the American Diabetes Association. I chose this from the available charities not because the others weren’t good choices, but because I have Diabetes. But it’s not something I have to be saddled with. My choices put me here, and my choices can get me out. It doesn’t always work that way, for some people, though. Some people are afflicted not because they ate too much, or spent all day watching reruns of “M*A*S*H.” I’m not sure why they are afflicted, and they probably aren’t either. I’m not a doctor. I don’t research this stuff. I only know what I’ve been told in my short history with this disease, which isn’t much, truthfully. But I do know this: Diabetes is serious business. So, let’s help. I know there are always people, charities, governments, stores, and video game developers who want your money and/or time. But you know what? Instead of watching “Jersey Shore,” or “Teen Mom 2,” take some time for something serious. After all, it’s only one episode. It won’t kill you.
Thank you.

EDIT: I’ve removed the SocialVibe widget for the time being, and replaced it with links for how to help Joplin tornado victims.