Some Minor Changes

I’ve made a couple of changes to my blog here. The changes are fairly minor, but it occurred to me today that the title “The World According to Me” sounded self-centered. That wasn’t what I intended. So I changed it to “The World, One Step at a Time.” This also reflects the notion that I’m taking things one step at a time right now. My world has been turned completely upside-down in the last month. I also changed the tagline, because connecting with my “legions of imaginary fans” doesn’t come across as so amusing anymore. It probably never did. The final change was of my page icon. As of this writing, it hasn’t shown up yet for me, so I’m not sure it’s going to come across. It may be too small as a page icon to decipher what it is. I hope it works out. Anyway, I’ll have another full post up this week. I’m trying to do one long post a week, with smaller updates (like this one) as needed. Thank you all for coming, and comments are always welcome.