Long time, no see

I haven’t updated my blog in a long time, I know. Not that there are that many regular readers here, but there were some. And there are many reasons for the delay. One of those reasons was that I was tossing around the idea of moving my blog to another platform. I have decided against that. It shall stay here. One of these days, I may purchase a URL for it, but it will still be here when I do. So, now that crisis is solved, and I can move on. I do have much to share, and some of it has to wait for a very special day, but I’ll do everything I can to make sure this stays much more up-to-date than it has. Until then, do take a gander at some of the blogs in my blogroll on the right side of the page here. Down, just a little bit. There you go. These are all A-1 approved-by-me blogs. Enjoy!


Quote of the Day

I’ve decided to try running a little “Quote of the Day” here on the site. I just want to see if I can do it and how it works. I’ve thought about doing this on Twitter from time to time, or maybe even my Facebook page, but for some reason, I got the idea to add it to my sidebar here. So, I’m going to try it out. The quotes will be culled from everywhere. Books, TV, movies, games, whatever. I may even throw in a personal quote from someone I know from time to time (“Skiing?”). It’s an experiment right now, so we’ll see how it goes. I added a “Quote of the Day Archive” page as well, just for reference. Comments are always welcome. Let me know if you like it! Oh, and I’ll have some more real content coming soon.
I tried it for a couple of days, and I decided it was something that would work better on my Facebook page than here. Besides, my Facebook page could use some content!

Old Directions, Anew

Priorities are something one should take out, dust off, and give a good once-over every so often. It’s healthy and reaffirming. It’s nice to know that you, yourself, still approve of what you’re doing, since you’re not likely to get that from anywhere else. The media will hound you, day after day, with messages designed to make you re-evaluate what you think and do. That, in and of itself is another rant for another time, but it’s still good to get that affirmation from yourself, if you can’t get it anywhere else.

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