My Return?

I haven’t posted on this blog in a very long time. In fact, the last post before this one is dated 2013. As of this writing, we’re now more than halfway through 2016. That may not be a long time cosmically, but it is a long time between blog posts! But I wanted to update this right now because I think I may have a purpose for this again. I won’t go into detail right now; this post is more to affirm that I still remember how to do this. The technical stuff, I mean. Not that anyone is really following this blog anymore–but this post may explain, at some time in the future, why there is such a large gap between posts. Well, I guess it doesn’t really explain anything, does it? I’m sorry for that. Really. I am. But I’m just not yet ready to throw myself into it in the way I need to be in order to really explain anything. But if this actually works, and it actually shows up on my long-defunct blog, then at least one hurdle will be surmounted.

Thank you for your time and patience. I love you all.